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FlexDIGITALS offers every business the opportunity to gain better support, address lack of internal staff, and minimize capital expenditures. We offer everything from a full network support solution to simply assisting existing internal IT departments, freeing them up to work on higher value activities, all while maximizing performance at a lower cost

Worry Free ..

When you choose FlexDIGITALS for your IT requirement, you will feel like you have a fortune 500 company’s internal IT department at your fingertips. We remotely monitor, alert and notify on the health and performance of your systems as well as provide unlimited help desk, remote support or on-site support – freeing up your time to focus on customers. Managed IT Solutions offers customized service plans to fit your budget and needs.

Extra Mile ..

We always go the extra mile to provide preventative maintenance rather than a reactive service. FlexDIGITALS has clients ranging from Small Business, Industrial Controls, Medical to retail and everything in-between. We take the time to customize each service plan to the organization’s unique needs, letting business goals/needs determine the solution not technology.

We work in partnership with all the major technology solutions

Our great understanding in Technology can provide your needs within your budget. We do not push for enterprise software to our small business clients, but allow rooms for future growth without investing heavily.