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A Graffiti Management Application:
This application delivers complete management and reporting system which helps our city officials to curb and prevent crimes. Click here to go to our Application website

Advance Search Features
Advance search feature will help you find exact matching records, features like style, purpose, ink used and description.

Smart Phone Compatible
Report Graffiti through any smart phone with photos. Enabling officials to curb crime and littering in our neighborhood

Add Widgets
Add widget to any website, let the citizen report it through any website and manage it from management console. You will instantly receive a notification whenever a new report is submitted; it’s easy as copy and paste on to your webpage

We believe in simplicity and ease to understanding, Generate monthly or annual reports with graphs and maps, Export Data in cvs format,

Photo Tagging, Assign Cleaner
View records in both text and photo formats, Assign cleaners and vandals, Vandal information is shared across the cities.